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In-Language Usability Testing Collects Relevant Feedback and
Uncovers Issues that Need to be Addressed before New IVR Recording is Rolled Out


TransSynergy conducts in-language usability testing and uncovers confusion in structural and terminology choices that would not be evident in English discussions. 




  • Understand general thoughts and experiences of Spanish speakers and recent IVR users with the Oncor automated phone system
  • Test several situations through “role playing” and interaction with IVR system and language use
  • Understand customer reactions to information provided, actions required and choice in language
  • Test customer reaction to two voices that may be used to record the new menus
  • Understand to what extent interaction with IVR plays in overall perception of the company and its customer service



  • All focus groups and usability testing translated and conducted in Spanish
  • Comprehensive report, including the supporting verbatim comments and an Executive summary provided



  • A possibility of less need for Spanish language options, most users are comfortable with English instructions
  • For those who do want Spanish options, terminology is very important and the wrong wording can cause much confusion – employees and technicians that interact with customers in the field are a good resource for terminology used by native speakers
  • Findings were used to make changes prior to rollout of new IVR


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