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Outsourced Marketing for EST Group



TransSynergy supplements marketing team with experience, leadership and resources to take a fast-growing company to the next level.

TSG has provided EST Group the marketing leadership we needed to grow to the next level. Donna has the ability to identify goals, and create a strategic plan through collaboration and buy-in. Furthermore, she provides our team with action plans they can execute and support when needed. She was able to create an internal culture within our technical leadership that supports marketing and understands how it can create bottom line opportunities and results.

– Tim Spires, President





When a company is experiencing exceptional growth, it faces a high-class problem—how to formulate and execute a more robust marketing plan to take them to the next level.

  • EST Group is an IT solutions company with a strong focus on providing development, integration and consulting services tailored around automating, managing and securing an organization’s IT environment.
  • After consistent quarterly growth, more experience was necessary to create a more sophisticated and integrated marketing plan for more complex needs.
  • Additional resources were needed for specific objectives on an as-needed basis, such as PR, copywriting, website development, tradeshow planning and social media communications.



TransSynergy is able to provide an outsourced marketing team that supports the EST Group internal department at all marketing levels.

  • Provide leadership at planning stages to frame and define goals and develop a sophisticated marketing plan with the right mix of programs to support growth goals.
  • Deliver fractional resources for programs added to marketing as needed, such as PR, website updates, copy, lead generation, tradeshows and social media.
  • Create opportunities for growth and benchmarks for measuring success across all business units; bring new ideas to the table.



  • GTS Group was named DELL Partner of the Year in 2016, recognized for their level of expertise and focus on delivering customer solutions.
  • Leveraging marketing to increase growth in all business units.
  • Marketing is able to do more without additional employees by utilizing TransSynergy resources as needed, when needed.



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