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A Winning Collateral Piece for Personalized Payroll!  




TransSynergy creates a promotional handout that Personalized Payroll leverages during the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair 2016.




Working with TransSynergy and Marfield on this creative piece was easy and fun. I am so glad they shared with me the importance of having a physical piece to leave behind and make an impression. Today, social media is everywhere, but the value of having something a prospect can take with them and then review when they are back at the office is a benefit. The TransSynergy team worked with me to craft a clear message to potential clients, and they partnered with Marfield to create a brochure I was very happy to have at the WBENC Conference this year and will continue to use at future events.

– Kathleen Hunt, President



Develop a clear and compelling marketing message for a marketing piece that would stand out among other promotional handouts at the WBENC National Conference and beyond.

  • Personalized Payroll works with small and midsize companies to customize and streamline payroll processing and needed ppayroll-a-project-1collateral to clearly communicate benefits to potential customers.
  • Create a marketing handout to distribute at the WBENC Conference. President Kathleen B. Hunt represented Personalized Payroll as part of the Host Committee and wanted to make a good impression.
  • The brochure needs to stand out among other promotional materials distributed. WBENC members are an important group both as potential client candidates and as a source of referrals, so it is important they clearly understand the business offer and remember the company.



TransSynergy recommended a Slim Jim brochure, as it has enough space (and can be two-sided) to communicate a compelling message, it can be used as a stand-alone brochure, and it can also be mailed in a standard letter envelope (so it’s cost effective as a mailing piece).

  • An “attention-getter” colorful brochure was designed to stand out and to reflect the bright purple and orange colors of the logo and company culture/personality.
  • TransSynergy crafted clear messaging around the “personalized level of service and care” that differentiates Personalized Payroll from other providers.
  • The brochure was completed in time for the 2016 WBENC National Conference.




This piece helped me to create magic at the Orlando Conference. I had many comments on how they loved the colors and the look of our brochure. This piece was the inspiration piece for my entire booth and it attracted many visitors.




certified-wbencA Joint Project with Marfield: Our Women-Owned Business Offer—WBE Marketing for Growth.

A partnership between Marfield Corporate Stationary and The TransSynergy Group has helped a number of fellow women-owned enterprises create successful marketing collateral and campaigns.



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