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A Rebranding Success for RightStaff Inc.!



TransSynergy redesigns corporate image to better reflect their leading-edge/bold company culture.




TransSynergy created an integrated brand strategy with a new “look and feel.”   The RightStaff website was completely resigned to reflect their new image and their new look was incorporated into a suite of marketing materials.






Rebrand Marketing Materials.

  • RightStaff Inc., a nationwide professional services and staffing solutions company, wanted to update their image throughout their marketing materials.
  • Their website and print marketing collateral needed to better reflect their leading-edge, technology savvy and fun corporate culture.


“Number one, we wanted to mirror the changes we made when rebranding our website.  Number two, we wanted the business card to be like a tiny brochure that someone could carry at all times. Finally, we wanted the design to draw attention and leave an impression.”

– Shelley Brandenburg, Marketing and Operations Manager of RightStaff Inc.



Reflect the new image on the web and marketing collateral, as well as a unique redesign of the business card.

  • A new website was designed with a sharp, bold color pallet and updated images to create a new “look and feel” that brought their website to life. The corporate values were incorporated into a graphic and added to the website.
  • TransSynergy created an integrated campaign concept around the jack, the main element of the RightStaff logo. The suite of print materials focuses on the jack theme and has unique design elements such as a creative format and a cut out of the jack.
  • As part of the kick-off campaign, TransSynergy suggested a set of physical jacks be delivered with the brochures to achieve full impact.



  • New website – Updated image and new functionality to support sales and operations.
  • Branded collateral – Employees are energized by new image and sales efforts are better supported.
  • Unique business cards – Each employee provided with a personal brochure that makes them proud.



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