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Conduct Various Focus Groups, Gather Input and Develop Programs Based on Results


TransSynergy works with Verizon, particularly with call center reps and technicians, to conduct various focus groups, gather input and develop several programs including call center rep training, processes for installing new services, saving high value customers, winback opportunities, and repair procedures.


Donna and her organization were instrumental in the success of the project. We met all our acquisition and customer management objectives on time and under budget. I highly recommend The TransSynergy Group to any organization.

– J.B. Hannis, Group Marketing Manager, Verizon

The TransSynergy team is unbelievable. Not only are they professional and experienced, they are a pleasure to work with. We worked side-by-side as a team.

– Jeff Baker, Retention Manager, Verizon


1. Implement five pilot programs in 45 days

The TransSynergy Group was called in to design, plan and execute five pilot programs simultaneously! The goal was to run these programs for 60 days to evaluate and make recommendations. Five pilot programs ready to roll in 45 days is very speedy. In a large, bureaucratic organization, it could be called a miracle. We know how to get things done, quickly!


  • A large consumer products company had never focused on customer retention. Churn was high. Returns were high.
  • The challenge was figuring out where to start.


Assess the effectiveness of each program, then create a major rollout plan for the next budget year.


  • Pilot 1 – Save Gate: the call center with the highest cancelation rate fell to the lowest! Also found it provided the pulse on the competitive marketplace. It involved training and one-on-one coaching for reps. Role play was important to quickly teach new skills.
  • Pilot 2 – Intensive Product Training proved that a confident rep sells more products. Although it took reps away from the phone for training, it yielded increased product sales as a result.
  • Pilot 3 – Fabulous Recapping showed that when reps take time to be sure the customer is clear on what they just purchased, returns go way down—reinforced the training already provided in a simple way, really worked!
  • Pilot 4 – “I just called to say I love you” courtesy calls – had a significant impact by lowering returned products. A courtesy call was more impactful than an up-sell call. If people don’t know how to use a product, they cancel it.
  • Focus groups helped provide the validation on product positioning and gave feedback on company image.


2. Nunca Estas Lejos – Spanish language pre-paid calling card rollout


Launch an in-language telecom product line of pre-paid long-distance call cards.


  • Train bi-lingual reps; make sure they understand the product and can handle calls in both languages.
  • Execute an integrated in-language marketing campaign including advertising, direct mail, telemarketing and grass roots events.


  • Successful launch of Hispanic telecom package
  • Met all acquisition and customer management objectives on time and under budget


3. Improved Customer Satisfaction from Low CCI Scores


  • Customer care index (CCI) scores were low.
  • Need to focus reps on key drivers to affect satisfaction.


Develop a campaign for internal employee awareness and education.


  • CCI scores improved.
  • Placed monthly mini posters around the centers with giveaways to support the theme and continue to engage the reps.
  • Program won a company Excellence Award.


4. Bring ’em Back – Developed ‘Win-back’ campaign


Stop customers from canceling services (“slipping out the door”) unnoticed and un-contacted.


Shift focus onto defecting customers and create a win-back program


  • Retention began improving slowly but steadily.
  • Researched how to target “appropriate” customers to save. Created a process for monthly list pulls with script, offer and calling program.



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