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A Team

Outsourced Marketing for EST Group. TransSynergy supplements marketing team with experience, leadership and resources to take a fast-growing company to the next level. Read more

Consistent Marketing Leadership and Support for Foremost Family Health Centers. TransSynergy supplements internal team to create, enhance and execute marketing programs that support critical growth goals. Read more

A Project

A Rebranding Success for RightStaff Inc.! TransSynergy redesigns corporate image to better reflect their leading-edge/bold company culture. Read more

A Winning Collateral Piece for Personalized Payroll! TransSynergy creates a promotional handout that Personalized Payroll leverages during the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair 2016. Read more

A Three-Decade Celebration Done Right! TransSynergy supports Foremost Family Health Centers on a special event to celebrate 30 years of service to their community. Read more

Employee Focus Groups Uncover 50 Actionable Items to Improve Customer Service! TransSynergy conducts focus groups to evaluate and improve customer experience. Read more

In-Language Usability Testing Collects Relevant Feedback and Uncovers Issues that Need to be Addressed before New IVR Recording is Rolled Out! TransSynergy conducts in-language usability testing and uncovers confusion in structural and terminology choices that would not be evident in English discussions. Read more

Customer feedback used to prioritize and plan for future marketing projects, including changes to company websites, social media activity and printed collateral. TransSynergy conducts customer focus groups to acquire feedback needed for websites (including, and and other social media and marketing initiatives. Read more

Vendor training enhances end-customer experience through improved vendor customer interaction and service. TransSynergy designs customer interaction training materials and conducts training sessions for Energy Efficiency service providers. Read more

TransSynergy works with Verizon, particularly with call center reps and technicians, to conduct various focus groups, gather input and develop several programs based on the results.

  1. Implement five pilot programs in 45 days
  2. Nunca Estas Lejos – Spanish language pre-paid calling card rollout
  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction from Low CCI Scores
  4. Bring ’em Back – Developed ‘Win-back’ campaign Read more

Associations and Non-profit Focus Groups and Facilitating Services Read more

A Plan

A Marketing Plan for Business Units Marked for Growth. TransSynergy leverages desired services to create additional growth. Read more

Creating a Plan to Achieve Success! No matter the size of the company, a strategic marketing plan will impact results and internal operations. It provides prioritization and benchmarks for measuring success. Read more

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